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Thu 21 Jan 2010

So its a new year. My final semester of College. I at times wonder what will I amount to after graduation in May. I don’t know. I can’t see that far into the future. I can see the short term however and start to try to plan for the future.

I started to track my money more. Currently, I’m using mint.com. I hate it. I heard it was supposed to be better the quicken. I don’t believe it. Sure it’s nice to have things update automatically for free but it misses the pending transactions on one account. because of that it doesn’t recognize a transfer between banks so I’m showing more the $1300 more then I have. I can’t plan for future transactions. About the only thing I have found is I spent over 100 dollars on fast food this month.  And thats not even the most updated figure.

I think tomorrow I will start getting Quicken caught up for the year. Should be fun.

I started the year off with 3999 on my credit cards. With the help of some student aid money, I was able to get that to 1999 and still have money left in savings. Currently I am in an intro period for another month or two and have 0% interest on that card. I’m hoping I’ll have more paid off when I get my tax money.

Besides the fast food budget, everything else is falling about where I expected it to. Mint.com is yelling becuase I went over what I had inputed for the budget, but I’m not worried. Currently I’m trying to figure out my spending so I know where to cut.

Forecasting is probably my favorite part of a budget. Trying to figure out what to save up for and estimate how much I’ll make and have. I know rent comes, since it’s split, I only have to pay every other month. I have expenses in the way of a real estate career I’m pursuing. Total starting expenses are expected to be around 1500-1600 in the first year and expected to be around 8-900 dollars after that. I’ve spent 275 of that already with the class I’m taking. Some of this will be tax deductible at the end of the year.

I’m also trying to become better at saving money. I opened up a money market account with ally.com. The interest is current 1.49%. Much better then the .01% with my chase savings. If I wasn’t limited on the amount of transactions, I would probably keep my chase savings at a lower balance. Hopefully with the ally account, I’ll be able to save more money as I won’t have it as easily available to me. Even though the interest is low, I think I’ll end up better in the long run.

I’m hoping that I can get far enough ahead and be good enough in the real estate career that I’ll be able drop one of my two jobs by March or April. That should be exciting.  Things are looking good for the future so far.

I’m just testing this with windows live writer. scan0006

As I surf the net and read all of the latest happenings, I wonder, is life really as bad as the news makes it out to be? The economy has tanked. Sure, the market is around half of its all time high of 14 some odd thousand. it only took a year to get there. but then I think, in the last 12 months it was around 5,000. Now depending on the day its closer to 8k. Hell the last month has been the best month in like 7 years. Using that as my main indicator, do I feel that we have reached the bottom? Yes I do. is our economy as strong as it was september 07? not really. I think by summer of 2010 we’ll be back to near normal.Will the economy bounce back? it hasn’t let me down in the past, though I would be more worried about inflation when it bounces back with the trillions we have pumped into the economy. Though, with inflation there’s at least good interest rates.

Next, I want to comment on Iowa and homosexual marriage in general. First, Kudos to Iowa for legalizing it. granted it was a law that deemed unconstitutional. I honestly could care less who people marry. If its a choice to be gay then so be it. People should be happy. and this really doesn’t seem to have negative consequences on society other changing ideals. Now, do I think this should be forced down religious groups. Not one bit. if a church is not comfortable with a homosexual marriage, then fine, they don’t need to marry the couple. The can goto the courthouse and have a ceremony. Will it be as romantic? No. Maybe there will be an entrepreneurship thing that will allow a marriage company to cater to gay couples. Including proceding over the wedding.  Is the world going to end if gay marriage is legalized in America? No. The couples are still going to be couples, gay people will be gay, straight people will be straight. at the end of the day, its all about legal concessions and not what the church says.

Those two things have dominated the news recently. No matter what happens with either one, the sun is going to shine tomorrow. the times they are a changing. In the long run, we’ll eventually get things right. Bush kept us on far right for so long, I figure Obama is going to take us to the far left. Kinda like mother nature uses weather to keep things in check and balances. Next president will hopefully be in the middle. Thats when we will truely flourish again. Until then, no matter how bad thigns get, the sun is still going to shine tomorrow.

So I’m working on getting a suitable mobile site so you may view nicssite.com on the go.  Currently I have a pluggin from mippin installed. It’s ok, though not 100% what I’m looking for, I’ll keep updating here.

I have switched over to wordpress pda& iphone found from word press directory. I have also edited some of the code so I think it will look sleeker and operate faster on a mobile phone.  If you want to login, its at the bottom

For the admin part of the site I have switched to Mobile admin also from the wordpress plugin directory. I think I may go in and edit some of the code to make it more optimized on the mobile browser. However, compared to the default, I think its quite a bit better.

Any comments let me know,


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The White House still believes that General Motors can restructure without filing for bankruptcy. Of course the government wants this to happen. With the billions in tax dollar money on the line, I’m sure we all want them to achieve this.

I do not believe its going to happen. Number one they can’t sell any cars. They’re not making anything close to break even and hey are still burning through billions a month and running out of cash again.

Number two, the UAW still won’t budge to help them out. Keeping their workers at high wages and making it harder for a company to scrape money is better to them then having lower wages a company that will be able to employee union members for a long term

Then there is this perception that they make junk cars. While they certainly have had several bad models in the past, I don’t think that this is the case today, at least, not any worst than any other car manufacturer. Toyota has had problems in recent years. The other two of the big three has. It’s growing pains.  GM needs to work on getting rid of that perception. They certainly are trying with their ad campaign of how many cars get good MPG. Is it enough? I don’t think so. They need to get it so people realize you are not having to take your car to the shop every other week.

GM also needs to get more cheaper, stylish,  yet extremely reliable cars on the market. People want a car the feels luxurious but not at the high price. It’s the reason the Corvette was created. GM wanted a car that could go as fast and perform as good as the performance cars of the day. The Vette came out and people loved. Create a car with that mindset, and GM has a good chance of winning over the people.

However, with all the things GM needs to do, its going to take money and couple years. That is something GM does not have at this point in time. Can they claim bankruptcy and come back smelling like roses? Yes. Shed the debt, restructure and come back leaner, meaner, more aggressive. Is it going to hurt the tax payers? Yes, however, will it help in the long run? Yes, its what should have been done a long time ago.

I’m just testing from my phone


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Trying to get some things figured out using a rambling podcast.

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So I know I said I’d post the news about the Office Depot interview Tuesday. As you can see it just turned to Monday Central Time. I called the hiring manager between 7 and 7:10 and got an  interview lined for 9 that same morning.

I showed up around 8:50. I wasn’t sure if this was my application online for the management job or the application in-person for the hourly job. I found out that it was the online one probably a little later then I should have.

It wasn’t full time; only 20-25 hours. He seemed alright with a 2nd job as long as it wouldn’t interfere with my job there. No problem with me. After a couple other questions he asked if I had taken the personality quiz. I asked if that was the 105 question one and he said yes. I said yeah and he started saying something about it being an instore thing. I said I had applied instore a couple weeks before. He then went and looked and came back and said he didn’t realize that I had taken the quiz and they he thinks they’ll pass and that I seemed to be a fine young man.

I was out of there by 9:07.  I called subway and she said the person in charge of hiring  wasn’t there but she had put the applications in her inbox and that they would give me a call if interested. Hopefully something will come of it.

I started entering my finances into Quickens again. It helped put me at a little more ease. Something I’ve been stressing over lately is that. It won’t be perfect but it is not as bad as I thought it was.

I’ll have a couple other things off my to-do list tomorrow so that should help me freaking out cant focus problems.

I think I’m out,


Work today was well…….Work. I went I cleaned, I drove, I cleaned, I took trash out I went home.

After getting home I went to walmart to get somethings so I could look decent for applying at subway for a manager. went back to my place got ready checked me email, saw some more great news to be mentioned later.

I finally got to subway about an hour and half of getting off work. I applied left called home drove home talking to home and finally had supper at 930. it was good.

So anyways the other good news, I got an email from Office dept saying the person in charge of hiring would like to talk to me about my application. and to call him between 7 and 4 this week. So I’ll try to get a hold of him in the morning and hope I can get an interview before I have to work at 9.

In other news, I’m thinking about do a podcast or something on views of credit cards.

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